[Capybara Works] CAPY-780 【まさと×知宏】貞操具を装着待機!!快感不可避さらけ出す痴態!!

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Tomohiro is wearing a chastity device and has a toy waiting in his ass! Masato appears just as Tomohiro is getting comfortable. He slowly opens the door and stares at her for a while, then unzips his zipper and starts to work on his cock! Then, he comes close to Tomohiro and starts to play with his ass toys and make Tomohiro give him a blowjob! Tomohiro sucks his dick like he loves it even though he's straight!
Masato slowly inserts a dildo into his ass, and Tomohiro takes the dildo in his mouth while Masato slowly inserts it into his ass! He screams and writhes in pleasure every time Masato's hard, upturned cock digs into him! Masato digs deep and sprays Tomohiro with a lot of sperm! Tomohiro is left alone and smells his pants as he gets fucked by Masato, who is so selfless that he ejaculates a huge amount of sperm all at once!

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