The Other Side of Aspen (1978) Falcon DVD

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Falcon FVP-001 The Other Side of Aspen

39 minutes (full original length)

director Bill Clayton

Al Parker
Casey Donovan
Chad Benson
Dick Fisk
Jeff Turk, Mike Flynn - cameo

The classic starring Casey Donovan, Al Parker, and Dick Fisk... the legend begins!

[Jeff Turk and Mike Flynn reminisce about the sights of sex they have seen in the past. Mike was not credited in the original video but did make a mention in later DVD releases. They are seen briefly at the beginning of scene 3.

1. Dick Fisk, Chad Benson

2. Casey Donovan, Al Parker

3. Casey Donovan, Al Parker, Dick Fisk, Chad Benson

4. Al Parker, Casey Donovan, Chad Benson, Dick Fisk
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