HardBritLads - Dirk Berger & Lucas Davidson

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1. HardBritLads - Dirk Berger & Lucas Davidson.mp4
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Description - A hot, passionate scene here as highly sexed handsome rugged blonde Dirk gets hot and horny with cute young fittie Lucas Davidson. Both lads have thick uncut dicks, and they savour each others throbbing girthy meat sucking each other in different positions.. then Dirk gives Lucas a really good, wet, deep rimming before plowing his arse deep and hard in three positions before spunking his load over him. The lads start off with passionate kissing and groping, getting a feel of each others thick bulges in their sports shorts. They take turns licking and sucking each other nipples, their dicks getting harder in their undies. More kissing, and they pull each others cocks out from their shorts. Dirks dick is rock solid, so stiff it points straight upwards, and Lucas cock hangs over his undies, slightly semi, very thick. They jerk each other off, then Lucas gets down onto his knees. He starts to suck on the end of Dirks throbbing uncut dick, but it doesnt take long before Dirk starts getting forceful, and grips his head to fuck his mouth. Lucas seems to like this, his cock gets good and solid as he gets a hot facefucking from Dirk. Having worked hard pleasuring Dirk, Lucas is eager to get sucked now, and he stands up, they kiss, then Dirk gets down on his knees. He opens wide to take in the meaty girth of Lucass fat cock, and he starts to suck firmly on it, pulling at the foreskin with his lips, then going deep, swallowing as much as he can. He sucks slow and hard, his own dick permanently rock solid too. They move to the sofa and Dirk sits back to get sucked again, Lucas laying on his side next to him. He hungrily starts to suck Dirk before getting his mouth fucked as Dirk grips his head, then slowing it right down to push his mouth deeper and deeper on his juicy meat, getting it right down Lucass throat. Hot. Lucas is on his back on the sofa, legs right back, hole in the air, and Dirk kneels on the floor, big dick throbbing, and he pulls his butt cheeks apart, opening up his hole a little, then spits into it, and starts licking it. Getting it really wet Dirk starts to push his tongue in, and as that tight hole starts to relax Dirk is able to get his tongue right inside. With both lads keen to start fucking, Dirk leans back into the corner of the sofa holding his cock upright, and Lucas lowers himself onto it, facing camera, then leans his body bock and slides himself down Dirks fuck pole. He rides it slowly for a bit, with horny little moans of pleasure, then Dirk grips his arse, holding him firmly and starts thrusting into him, fucking him harder.. Next, Lucas leans against the sofa with Dirk standing behind him. He teases his hole, then pushes his dick back inside, all the way, and starts fucking with slow, long strokes, showing plenty of length. He fucks like this for a bit, then starts fucking harder, gripping Lucas as he thrusts in and out. Not quite done yet, Lucas is on his back now, legs wide apart, with Dirk on his knees, who pushes his cock back into that hungry hole, and starts pumping it in and out. He grips Lucas by the ankle, who is still wearing his white sport socks, and starts sniffing his foot as he fucks him. He gets into a good rhythm, keeping the fucking hard and steady, getting himself closer and closer.. Dirk pulls out, pulls off the condom, and moves round to stick his cock in Lucass mouth, getting him to suck it.. this turns Lucas on bigtime, and seconds later he is spunking his sticky load all over his six pack, squeezing out every last drop as it dribbles down over his fingers.. The sight of this pushes Dirk over the edge, and his starts squirting powerful jets of hot liquid jizz across Lucass chest, and he shoots loads of it, several big strong squirts.. its a really horny cum shot, so you see it twice, in real time then again in slow motion.. Awesome.                       

For more detail see screenshot. 

2017-10-25 06:57:38
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