RS - Tongue In Cheek Sc5 4k

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Adding to the 1080 post. This is just the main scene, no additional files.
Beau Butler, Lawson James and Morgxn Thicke are supposed to be emptying out their boss' storage unit, but Beau would rather spend his afternoon rubbing down the hairy muscles of bearded daddy Lawson. Morgxn quickly joins in on the public threeway as he and Lawson break out their big dicks for Beau to suck off. With their cocks pulsing and ready to smash some hole, the two prepare Beau by rimming his hairy, tan-lined ass. Once he's ready for an outdoor pounding, the two spit-roast him with Morgxn being the first to bareback the beefcake bottom. After Lawson gets a go at Beau's hole, Morgxn dips his dick into Lawson's muscular cakes before going back to fucking Beau and covering his ass in creamy jizz. The other two quickly follow, with Lawson spilling his seed on the ground and Beau feeding his load to Lawson. Talk about eating high on the hog!
Actors: Morgxn Thicke, Lawson James & Beau Butler
Release date: 7th July 2023
2023-07-07 21:08:08
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