Bijou Classics - Magnum Griffin 7

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Magnum Griffin offers this near-perfect compilation of clips starring Eric Ryan, Chris Burns, Steve York,

Shadow Joyce, and others. Super-hung Steve York and another impressively endowed athlete are on a wrestling

mat and begin going at it with believable gusto. Soon their suits are ripped apart and they decide to wrestle

buck-naked. Some of the best sex follows as both lads are sucked and York works his thick, long pole into his

partner's tight box.

Another highlight of this series has a beautiful, athletic Asian and a long-donged brunet with a swimmer's

build meeting as new neighbors. Sly smiles and a coy invitation to the gym leads to a super-charged suck and

fuck session. These two segments' erotic power comes from the realistic portrayals of common fantasies of

young men around the familiar "gym" and "the boy-next-door." Both segments contain the believable dialogue

and uncontrived sounds of horny boys having at it.

What spoils Magnum Griffin #7 are two very pretentious segments that seem out of place compared to the

others, the sequence involving Eric Ryan as a cowboy, (however gorgeous), cumming atop the hood of a

Cadillac, inspires laughs, not lust; and a useless segment in which two youths drink celebrating one's

new job. After several minutes of a slow-going blow job, the segment ends abruptly.

A third clip with two slender-bodied types echoes the same youthful, real-lust and naturalness of the

above mentioned, making this compilation worthwhile

Released:Jun 30, 2023
Studio: Bijou Classics
Length:59 mins.

Categories:'80s, Bareback, Classic, Compilation, Pre-Condom Era
2023-07-04 03:23:28
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