Sleeper Hold Wrestling #27 - Rebel vs Pistol Pete

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The Rebel (red) and Pistol Pete (blue) are back, and their bulging packages continue to look oh so delicious in their tight posing briefs! Technically, this match has fewer sleeper holds and more head scissor holds, but for the sake of consistency with previous uploads, I'm still labeling this as a "sleeper" match. In any case, one of these delicious hunks winds up passed out on the floor, so it still counts! The Rebel dominates Pistol Pete throughout the match, although Pete does manage to wrap his legs around the Rebel's neck a few times (this is PWP, after all; there has to be "reciprocity" in the matches). Ultimately, however, the Rebel's massive tree trunks wrap fatally around Pete's neck, and the last thing Pete sees is the Rebel's beautiful bulge in his face as the doomed hunk drifts away into la la land.
2017-10-26 03:07:50
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