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Original upload: 2013-07-11 |

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Cruz got  himself a little HD camera to film his peep video. He figured he could put it to good use because he always has had jerk-off buddies that had talked about filming with him.

Not sure if Cruz is into more "mature" guys, but Taurus is 53-year-old body builder that he would occasionally play with. Being a body builder, he was only too happy to show-off for us.

I really like the way Cruz filmed this. He gives us a little intro with Taurus, films him while soaping up and stroking, then the two get naked in front of a bedroom mirror.

Taurus is very interested in playing with his Boy, and his cock is up and ready to go. Taurus leans back and starts stroking, but after awhile, Cruz reaches out and plays with his balls

Eventually Taurus gets on top and they stroke each other's cocks. As someone who knows the challenges of filmed oneself during sex, Cruz does a pretty dange good job of not only holding the camera stready as he cums (and Taurus fingers his hole) but he also jerks-off Taurus till he cums.

Would love to do a whole series of videos with Cruz and his buddies. Not sure how many want to play on video, but this video is an excellent start.

If you like some Daddy/Boy action, you will love this hot, amateur, jerk-off vid!

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