Phoenix Rising (1999) - 1080p - MKV H264 PCM AIE

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Desc: Tristan Paris explores the wildside of masculine sex! He starts with three workmen at his uncle's house and ends up as the bottom in a gang bang where he is forced to suck dick while blindfolded. Can Tristan taste the difference between a huge white cock and three huge black ones?
Studio: Jocks Video
Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Performers: Aron Ridge David Bradley  Jack Simmons Jason Branch Kyle Becker Luc Jarrett Mitchell Stack Robert Black Trace Henson Tristan Paris

TVAI upscaled from DVD source + BMDS aie restorative for minor color correction, vocal track audio isolation, background music suppression, English subtitling

Subtitles: Yes
Subtitle Stream 2: Language=eng
Interlaced (0/1): 0
Video Codec: h264
Resolution: 1440,1080
Frame Size: 1440,1080
Audio Codec: pcm_s16le
Frame Rate: 30000/1001
Bitrate: 6138 kbps
Total Frames: N/A
Duration: 01:28:55
Pixel Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Sample Aspect Ratio: 1:1

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