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*Note* Original Source 48.000 FPS
Distributor Real to Reel Pictures Productions  Released 1977  Length 1 h 20 min
Studio Real to Reel Pictures Productions  Director Wakefield Poole

Alexander Stewart  Bill O'Connell  Dutch Valentino  Glenn Robinson
Guillermo Ricardo Jaime de la Costa Projectionist
Jeff Addison  Nick Ritter  Philip Borden  Richard Locke  Rudy Valentino (70s)
Sal Guange  Dancer  Tony Franco  Wakefield Poole Non-sexual role

Promotional Material
A “docufantasy” in which director Wakefield Poole interviews eight primary
performers, then recreates their sexual fantasies onscreen.
[Scene order, other than the first and last, is unknown. Premiered simultaneously
on May 25, 1977 in San Franciso and Los Angeles.]

The idea with this one was to film men living their fantasies - one scene shows
2 brothers fucking for the first time; another is Richard Locke and his lover
having sex on top of Locke's desert home roof, as the sun is setting.
[The brother scene included fisting and pissing that
was edited out for the censor's benefit.]


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