ASG - Bently Collection (Part 1)

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Bently is a sexy, young tattooed guy on Amateur Straight Guys. He sucks, he fucks, he kisses, and all the way through, he looks like he's thoroughly enjoying himself!

This is part 1 of 2 of my collection of Bently videos.

Bently and Brevan.wmv 396.92 MB
Bently and Damon.wmv 316.50 MB
Bently and Ian.wmv 260.07 MB
Bently and Rod.wmv 195.64 MB
Bently - Solo.wmv 138.88 MB
Bently and Peter.wmv 119.52 MB
Bently and Ian.wmv.jpg 1.31 MB
Bently and Brevan.wmv.jpg 1.13 MB
Bently and Rod.wmv.jpg 1.10 MB
Bently and Damon.wmv.jpg 1.07 MB
Bently - Solo.wmv.jpg 0.99 MB
Bently and Peter.wmv.jpg 998.30 k

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