Hunk Ch G@MES - GV-THT29004 Masaya

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Masaya made his first landing in Aichi to meet Yuya, a macho chiropractor of Bali Tachi, who applied to mess up his ass hole!! He greeted Masaya with a big smile!! The two people who like kissing start immediately and entangle their tongues comfortably. When sensitive nipples are stimulated and jeans are taken off, Masaya's dick is already erect!! I'm sucked lovingly, and Masaya also licks Yuya's body in return!! The dick that became gin gin pierced into Masaya's ass hole and inserted it deep!! I'm so excited about the long-awaited sex with Masaya! As soon as Masaya straddles him in the cowgirl position, Yuya gets a strong pleasure and ejaculates in the back of her ass without thinking, "Oh no ... I'm out." It's coming out a lot lol "I want to do more" so I refit the rubber and start the second round!!! While being rubbed in the back in a normal position, Masaya also reached the peak of pleasure and fired semen!! Yuya, who was excited about Masaya's live ejaculation, will hit Masaya with his second ejaculation!!! ( Home delivery dick ~ Masaya edition ~)

There is no blindfold in the main model of the main story. The recruitment model has a blindfold.
2023-05-21 18:09:35
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