Dmitriy crushing the cum out

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Master Dmitriy decides to take off his predators because, He says, He wants to feel the cock and balls of the slave getting completely flat under His feet. Dmitriy loves to feel the balls of a slaveboy becoming totally flat under His feet and in particular under His heels. It gives Him the exact sensation He wants: to feel the manhood and power of a boy totally humiliated and damaged under His powerful feet, as if the cock of the slave was just dirt worth only being trampled on by REAL MEN (handsome, powerful and rich) like Dmitriy. The slave is constantly teased by Dmitriy's feet. Dmitriy often mocks wanking his cock under His foot, but He doesn't like the slave to have an orgasm. So after a lot of simple stomping and smashing of the cock under his heels Dmitriy finds a great way to torture the slaveboy alternating crushing his cock and balls fullweight with his heels. Dmitriy wants to dish out the ultimate humiliation for the slave, force him to cum under His feet and without orgasm. Dmitriy knows what to do and starts crushing flat both the cock and the balls of the slave. This hurts terribly but it also forces the cum out of the slave's genitals. The ejaculation brings NO ORGASM because the slave is in too much pain with Dmitriy's heels on his balls frustrating his pleasure.
2014-12-30 20:47:09
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