William Higgins - Milan Pokorny & Marion Anel - Raw - Full Contact - mp4

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Milan Pokorny and Marian Anel are on the bed, naked and hard. Marion has an ice cube that he is rubbing over Milan's lips and then his nipples and down his body. He rubs it over Milan's hard cock and balls and kisses them too. Then Marian has a suck of that hard cock. He keeps playing with the ice and kissing Milan's sexy body. Then he starts to suck the cock, alternating with rubbing it with the ice cube too. He laps at the cock with his tongue and gets more ice to rub over the head. He rubs the ice on Milan's hairy balls as well. Then Milan lifts his legs to that ice can be rubbed over his tight hole as well. Marion tongues the hole as well and has another taste of the throbbing cock. Then he slips a finger into Milan's ass as he sucks on his cock. His finger fucks the ass hole before more rimming. His finger slips back into the hole before he climbs over Milan for a 69. Then Marion lays on the bed and Milan climbs over him and slides his ass down on Marion's hard cock. Marion fucks that tight ass, so hard and fast. Milan moans as he feel the cock slamming into his hole. He rides the cock a little before Marion starts his hard fucking again. Milan turns around and sits continues to take the dick deep in his ass. Marion's fuckng continues to pound that hole. Then Milan dismounts and lays down so that they can kiss as Marion wanks him. he then returns to fucking Milan, this time in missionary position. Milan wanks himself as he takes the dick deep in his ass. His cock soon shoots his creamy cum as Marion keeps up with his fucking. Milan pulls his legs up and holds them as Marion slam his dick in and out of that eager hole. The moaning increases as Marion builds up to his cumshot. He pulls out and dumps his hot cream over Milan, milking every last drop out of his cock. Then he shoves his dick back into that hot ass and fucks it some more. Then both go off to the shower to clean up after a very hot fuck.
2017-07-11 03:51:26
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