Drake Rock - Brock Gannon

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Hey guys as you know by my uploads i love drake rock and this seen is prob one of the hottest of them all!..ENJOY!

I had booked Brock Gannon for a solo, but the cunning little bottom boy had something else in mind, and before the night was over it had turned into a full suck, rim, fuck scene!

I made one major mistake the first time I shot with Brock, saying, 'As long as you cum, whatever happens happens.' So when I booked him for a solo, he arrived with the intention of conniving me into fucking the cum out of him again.

The scene started pretty tame, more along the line of the soft core content I used to shoot. Brock started out clothed, and undressed down to his underwear. I had time talking directly into the camera, and at one point I realized he was no longer talking to the members, but to me, asking, 'Do you want to touch it?' He has a great cock, of course I did. So I did a reach in.

That led to me licking his hot cock, and sucking it, and taking its throbbing head down my throat. I actually enjoy sucking cock now, but let's face facts, I wanted his ass, and I probably spent a lot longer than I should have with my tongue buried in his hole.

If you enjoy POV, you'll love the sucking and rimming footage in this video. During some parts you are so close to the action that you can probably smell the sex emulating off us, and practically taste Brock.

Being a cock hound, Brock wasn't going to let me have all the fun, and the insatiable bottom worked my cock and ass with his mouth, driving me insane.

When my cock was so rigid I thought it would pop, Brock sat on it and rode me. I've really come to love watching my bottom boys' raging hard ons bounce as they pogo stick my dick.

I have no recollection of how I did it, but with the videocamera in one hand I flipped Brock on his back and managed to keep my dick in him. It's in that position that I fucked the cum out of him.

And this is the first time I actually slurped up another guy's cum and snowballed him.

Then Brock dived between my legs, worked my nads, and eventually rimmed my hole, which drove me over the edge, and I blew a load on his face and in his mouth.

I've really come to enjoy fucking the guys during the last few months, but for some reason Brock is different. Maybe it's because he's so into the sex that I just love fucking that boy!

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2010-12-19 13:43:57
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