[Men’s Rush TV] MR-KR1866 生堀りされる小顔の高身長イケメンはチ〇コビンビンのまま泣きまくり☆

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This is the first appearance of a tall, handsome man with a small face at Men's Rush. The bulge of his tight race pants is so erotic, and he looks so comfortable being tortured by this sharp and handsome guy! He has a beautiful face, a slim and tight body, and to top it off, he has a thick dick, not just two but three things in one perfect guy!
He is a perfect guy with not just two, but three perfect features: his body, his thick dick, and his ass!

First, he gets fucked raw from behind, then in a normal position, and then in a cowgirl position, and then he gets fucked raw while changing positions.

He spurts and gets fucked in the normal position, and after cumming, he continues to get fucked and cum all over the hot guy!



2022-09-22 08:13:05
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