Military Classified - Davenport & Stingray - Ex Marine/Navy - Anal-group

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Content synopsis
Today I'm excited about the release because I've brought back two of the hottest models on MC at the moment and they are finally together for the first time. DAVENPORT and STINGRAY team up to take on Rob's ass and give him a run for his money! Literally! Watch as Rob's gets fucked and re fucked until both boys almost bust simultaneously and Rob orchestrated the whole thing!
When the guys got to my studios Davenport arrived first. Punctual. Clean, Nicely dressed, this straight former Marine is always organized and today was no different. Stingray arrived a little late and really was quite the opposite of Davenport. Once the guys got the paperwork completed, we took some photos upstairs and the two guys were starting to relax around each other finally.
Once the photos were done we made our way to my bedroom and I had the guys sit next to each other on the bench in front of my bed and the two nervous straight boys began to smoke cigarettes. Stingray was looking through the porn while Davenport was stroking his cock waiting to see what Stingray was putting on the monitor. We didn't say very much because I felt like we know them already so lets just get down to business... and that's what we did!
I began sucking both guys on the bench as I knelt down in front of them and it didn't take very long before both guys were rock hard. I quickly asked Stingray to get behind me and fuck my ass which he promptly did and we were off to the races. As Stingray stood behind me giving it to me doggie, Davenport was sitting on the bench while I sucked his cock at the same time Stingray was fucking me! Nice!
It got to the point where I had to stop Stingray and have the guys switch before my ass gave out but more importantly because I knew that Davenports 8 inch anaconda was up next. Davenport fucked like he's never fucked before and delivered a performance that was fan-fucking-tastic! Davenport blew a huge load up Rob's ass as Stingray blew his load as Rob sucked him at the same time! What a mess... a beautiful jizzy mess!

Cast: Rob Navarro, Davenport, Stingray
Director: Rob Navarro
Studio: Military Classified
Release Date: 2014-10-30
Runtime: 00:11:51
Definition: 720p, 1280x720
Format: .mp4

Tags: ~military ~blowjob ~tattoo ~anal ~hunks ~cumshot ~big cocks ~spit roast ~military classified ~Rob Navarro
2014-11-02 17:27:56
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