BLM - BiLatinMen Pack (Videos 0100-0199) INCOMPLETE

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BiLatinMen, started in 2002, is one of my favorite porn sites.

Much of its content has been uploaded in random collections, but file names are all over the place ( even the website sometimes makes mistakes ), and I thought other members might enjoy having a chronological, standardized video pack.

I've tried posting a proper request for the missing files, but couldn't get any help; Perhaps these uploads will give the matter more visibility, and some generous uploader will fill in the gaps; There are also about 150 "Extra Latinos" videos only members have access to. No more than a handful of those have found their way to the tracker, and it would be nice if someone could make them available.

Missing from this batch are:


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These older torrents below should interest BiLatinMen fans like myself, since they are complete and include the highest quality MP4 versions of the files; Sadly, the first torrent in the collection (0600-0699) was deleted for some reason; I've got my fingers crossed some generous member will be able to re-upload it, and maybe even bring the missing files / "Extra Latinos" videos here for us to enjoy; Perhaps upgrades / more bonus material is also available to site members? I can only speculate and, as a fan, hope that such content finds its way to our tracker.

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