Team Players (2005)

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Team Players (2005) Raging Stallion - Pistol

DVD (folder) and mp4

director Chris Ward

Andy Dill
Brad Davis
Dereck Hanson
Hunter James
J.D. Kollin
Jacob Slader
Manuel Torres
Pete Ross
Tan Bender

It's Hot. The guys are all out on the sweltering field. Tension mounts. Sweat beads and turns to tiny rivers, following the topography of straining muscles. Hair glistens. The crown roars! It's summer at the ball park, and guys are doing the things guys do...

1. Manuel Torres, Hunter James, Peter Ross, JD Kollin

2. JD Kollin, Pete Ross

3. Jacob Slader, Tan Bender

4. Manuel Torres, Hunter James

5. Derrick Hanson, Manuel Torres

6. Jacob Slader, Andy Dill, Hunter James, Brad Davis
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