Damon Dogg's Cum Factory - Damon Dogg's First CumUnion

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Damon Dogg and gang drive up to Portland Oregon to attend the city`s first cumunion party (held at hot gay sex club Hawks PDX). Advertising for the party said: "Damon Dogg will be here taking on all comers." And he did. When the door opened to the public, so did Damon`s legs, mouth and hole. No one was turned away!!! This is as real and slutty as it gets!!! Damon`s sexploits don`t end or start there. Prior to the party, The Dogg molests a straight homeless guy and then he gets his hole prepped by partnered pair Lex Knight and Rabbit. After the party Damon films his friend Xander Spade getting it on hot and nasty with local pig Hank Rivers.

Due to the fact that this was the first time for Damon to attend a CumUnion party, he decided to call the movie �Damon�s First CumUnion�. Originally he was going to make this one an oral video, but his ass had objections to that idea.

The party continues. Damon meets more men at the party and invite them into my room to fuck me and fill my hole. The guys fuck me like crazy. I let everyone inside, even this really old guy that had a hot six pack. We fucked for hours at the party.

The next day, after the party had ended I was hunting for Xander Spade and found him standing on the sidewalk in front of the sex club chatting up one of the guys that fucked me the night before.

It looked like they were hitting it off, so I went to get the camera and filmed the two of them having some fun. Fucking and Fisting.

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2013-08-07 01:26:52
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