[CB] Drake Von & Greyson Myles

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“Rising star DRAKE VON makes his CockyBoys debut and when he
introduces himself, you'll see why GREYSON MYLES had to be his
scene partner. When they met there was an instant attraction so
when they get inside to film their scene, they're VERY ready for it.
Drake's thick cock is already hard and Greyson can't wait to suck him.
As he does, Drake reaches over to finger Greyson's hole and he's so
eager to be inside him he comes around to eat his ass and open him up.

Greyson gets thumb-fucked and his cock teased, then begs to be
fucked, but before Drake agrees, he gets Greyson to suck him again.
After he's good and spit-lubed, Drake fucks Greyson and naturally
dominates him. Greyson is wild about getting plowed and when he gets
up on all fours, he enthusiastically fucks himself on Drake's cock.
Drake is just as happy to have this eager bottom, fuck Greyson from
the side, stroke his cock and suck him.

Soon, Greyson wants to gobble down Drake's cock again, while
Drake can't keep his hands off Greyson's hole.
So, it's inevitable that Drake resumes fucking him, then flips
him over to drill him on his back. With Greyson's sex talk
driving him, Drake pounds a load out of him, then pulls out to
shoot his over Greyson's balls. As they lie back, totally spent,
they're also happy that the sex was everything they thought it
would be… and more.

Jake Jaxson”
STUDIO: CockyBoys
CAST: Greyson MYLES, Drake VON
RELEASED: September 20, 2022
SIZE (VIDEO): 547 MB (= 521.7 MiB)
DURATION: 24 min 17 s
RESOLUTION: 1280 × 720 pixels
2022-09-21 03:36:31
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