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Backwoods Bears: Allen and Tom
Hot British Bear Tom Dixter is roaming the woods one day and up he
comes upon a showering Allen Silver. The dripping wet Allen is too much
for Tom to resist so he joins him for a hardcore flip-flop fuck in the
blazing sun. These two stud bears literally have each other over a
barrel! It's all from our Pantheon Bear release, Backwoods Bears,
available at our web store now.
Added: May 29, '09
Length: 31:19

Bear Plumbing Inc.: Allen and Marco
Up at a cabin retreat, hot muscle bears Allen and Marco are having
a relaxing few days while their kitchen is inspected by our Master
plumber Ford and sub-contractor Rob. Marco is feeling horny for
his man Allen and the two get right at it on the cabin sofa. Check out
this hot scene from our movie "Bear Plumbing Inc.", available at our
online store.
Added: March 4, '10
Length: 30:38

Bear Season: Allen and Dan
It's Lazy Bear weekend at the Russian River where we find Allen Silver
stepping into a secluded hot tub surrounded by redwoods, but he
isn't alone. Already in the tub is super-hot new comer Dan Kryczak.
They start slow, touching each other's swollen cocks before the kissing,
sucking,and rimming begins. Overheated, they move to the picnic table
where Allen is the first to get inside Dan's very hairy bear hole. Allen is
into flip-flop fucks, though, so soon it's his turn on the table, legs in the
air, wanting it, getting it. Check out this hot scene on our DVD
Bear Season, available at our online store.
Added: November 25, '09
Length: 38:13

Beefcake Daddies: Allen Silver and Will Swagger
Oh, that Will Swagger. Always doing things he's told not to do such as
cruising where it's just not allowed. Well, his moxie pays off 'cuz sexy
silver daddy Allen Silver just can't resist his bad boy behavior. Why
resist when you can enjoy? Watch as these two studs suck and fuck the
afternoon away! Don't resist. Enjoy.
Added: March 9, '11
Length: 22:34

Brief Encounters: A Ripping Good Time
In this hot scene from our Real Men movie "Brief Encounters",
we return to the locker-room where daddies Steve Parker and
Allen Silver are both in the process of dressing. Allen drops his towel
revealing his meaty ass, wrapped beautifully in white briefs. Steve
cocks his head and then heads with his cock straight to Allen, where
they explore each other through their underwear. Steve has had enough
of them and rips the back of Allen's briefs revealing his furry bum.
He first licks and then fucks Allen through his torn underwear. After lots
of licking and finger-play, Allen takes his time getting into Steve's
very tight hole. But Steve likes it on top most so he gets Allen on his
back and he gets back on Allen, fucking until he produces a huge milky
load. Allen returns the favor and pours a sweet load onto Steve's belly.
Pick up a copy of the DVD at our online store.
Added: March 20, '09
Length: 29:04

Rugged: Allen and Kegan
Sexy stud Allen Silver hooks up with big and hungry red-head
Kegan Daniels. When these two get together, their desire and connection
pours from them and we get to enjoy it. Now that everything is good
and wet, Allen and Kegan begin an eager flip-flop fucking in the dark,
dark basement. It's Allen's turn first and he soon discovers just how
thick Kegan's big dick really is. Allen and Kegan have been going at
each other hot and heavy for a while now. There's still some good ass
pounding to be done, but it's almost time for these two studs to cum.
It's the conclusion to the first scene from our hot movie, Rugged,
where the action is hard and the men are greedy. Be sure to buy the
movie at our web store now!
Added: October 18, '07
Length: 33:34

ad's Automotive: A Fucking Good Day
At Dad's Automotive, big boss Rob Lawrence knows an early morning
fuck is a great way to make sure his employees are motivated.
And with his huge tool, Rob is the kind of boss who can really motivate
his men! Allen Silver is having a damned good day so far and keeps
getting better as he and big boss Rob swap fucks on the parts desk!
It's from our hot movie, Dad's Automotive, available at our store now.
Added: May 12, '07
Length: 28:43

Allen Silver
Furry and so-handsome-it-hurts Allen Silver is lounging naked in a chair
just for you. You better enjoy his sexy show. It's another hot solo from
our movie, Daddy Flies Solo 2, available at our store now.
Added: April 5, '07
Length: 6:06

Daddy Hunt 2: Rubbin' to Satisfaction
Watch as sexy Allen Silver starts rubbin' on Derrick Hanson and definitely
lets his fingers do the walking, then his lips, his tongue, his cock - sexy
daddy Allen gives Derrick what's he's been aching for. You'll ache too
when you watch the pounding he gives him. Sometimes you gotta dig
deep to find the richest vein of precious silver. Derrick is diggin' all right.
He's diggin' Allen's hot mine shaft. Check out our hot movie, Daddy Hunt
2 available at our store now.
Added: February 1, '06
Length: 22:26

Daddy Dreaming: Dungeon Daddies
We'd all like to be in Robert Black and Allen Silver's boots, or out of them,
as the case may be when these two sexy fuckers give each other what
we all want -- a good hard fuck. You don't want to miss this really hot
fuck scene from our movie, Real Men Volume 8: Daddy Dreaming
available at our store now!
Added: September 22, '05
Length: 22:56

Built To Last: Fuck Swap - Bound to Beg
In this first, really hot scene from our movie Real Men Volume 7:
Built To Last, power-cocked Bill Justeson gives super-sexy Allen Silver
all he can handle. Then it's Bill's turn and he proves more than up to the
challenge. Once again, we have rock hard Bill Justeson and tasty
Allen Silver and this time they're Bound to Beg -- for mercy and more.
You'll be begging too when you get a load of these two taking each other
to the limit. It's from our hottest movie, Real Men Volume 7:
Built To Last available at our store now!
Added: June 9, '05
Length: 26:12

Movers and Shakers
When muscle bear Rocky LaBarre keeps hounding sexy, furry mover
Allen Silver, there's a point where something is gonna snap and it's likely
gonna be Rocky's virgin hole. First Rocky jumps in the shower making
sure the bathroom door is left open. It's all the invitation Allen needs
and soon he's got Rocky bent over taking his nice hard cock.
Added: August 22, '12
Length: 33:50

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