(Exclusive) Tales of Lorithel

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Tales of Lorithel: Bonds of Royalty
VN made by DyneWulf (aka dk999 on patreon)
This takes place in the country of Lorithel, and it was the first story I wrote in regards to this world. This is the same place that Endless Bounty and Engaging Destiny take place in, and you'll even see some characters cross over between these projects!This is a linear visual novel around 24,000 words, so it should only take a little more than an hour or so to read, but there are... 14+ special scenes to view, 13+ gorgeous backgrounds and a handful of characters! There are no choices to make beyond a single one at the very start of the game, and all of the CGs will be unlocked in the gallery by the time you're done.

Open the ISO file as a rar, and enjoy the game
2022-11-19 22:19:53
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