[Studio 2000] Power Trip

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Tony Hampton is the proud owner of Rumble Road, a motorcycle shop. And he likes to employ gay mechanics to service the special needs of his gay biker clientele. Chad Connors, a young stud with an apparent motorcycle fetish, is the first customer we meet. Mac Reynolds is the salesman who'll do anything (or anyone) to get his customers to sign on the dotted line. But it's Reynolds who gets a ride out of Connors on the buddy seat of the motorcycle. Somehow they manage a nice suck-n-fuck without tipping over the bike. Scott Wilder is another customer whose ass is on the mend after an especially rough session with some aggressive bikers. He lets hung Puerto Rican stallion Rod Majors have a go at his newly recovered ass. And what a fine piece of ass it is! Then Scandinavian cocksucker Eric York gets to break in Rick Thomas, the cute new guy. Thomas loses his load while eating York's ass, but immediately puts on a rubber and proceeds to fuck York with his still-hard cock. But all is not well in this world of "big bad butch bikers with power and steel between their legs." Rob Banks and Jake Ellswick play a couple of bigoted straights who don't like working in a place where everybody's sucking dick all the time. Banks' intolerant views nearly cost him his job. But by the end, after a few too many beers, he learns that jacking off with a buddy is better than jacking off alone. But it ain't queer, because if it was queer, he wouldn't do it and he wouldn't enjoy it. I was sorta hoping somebody would fuck some sense into the homophobes, but we have to settle for a masturbation scene. Banks comes to the realization that the world don't move to the beat of just one drum, and what might be right for you, may not be right for some. Y'know, diff'rent strokes or whatever. And just in case all the politically correct enlightenment is making you forget this is a porno, Christian Fox appears in the final scene for some sling sex in a dungeon with Hampton. He endures some merciless butt reaming, and they both get off a couple of huge loads.
2011-05-01 21:44:22
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