Kommando X (mp4)

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Cast: Bernd,Cem,Frederic,Henning Pink,Joe Key,Kai Harth,Leon,Peter,Ralph Steel,Raphael Korti,Sven Roberts,Zodiak Mindwrap
Director: Jorg Andreas
Country: Germany

Some hunky kommandos stalk and rape unsuspecting teen soccer boys. One of the biggest collections of huge cocks ever seen in one film.
Description / Review:
One of my favourite films newly released on DVD. It's about a group of kommandos who snatch unsuspecting young guys and rape them. A great cast including an older tattooed hunk, smooth studs and a teen 7-a-side soccer team.
In the opening scene blond Hart is captured by 4 kommandos and taken blindfolded to a disused building where he forced to his knees and made to suck a big fat cut cock belonging to a fifth chunky kommando with pierced nipples and tattoos all over his body. The other 4 shoot their loads, mainly over Hart and one guy washes away the spunk from Hart's face with a stream of piss.
Hart is then led away by Ralf Steel and taken to another room where Hart sucks Steel's rock hard uncut cock and nibbles his nuts. In return Steel fucks Hart's face and then bends him over and peels down his tight leather shorts so he can rim the shaved hole, loosen it with fingers and finally fuck him.
Elsewhere, the other 4 kommandos are stalking some young footballers. At the end of the game 3 of the soccer boys go to the shower block. These 3 are all slim and have enormous cocks. While in the shower they suck, rim and fuck each other until they shoot their big juicy loads. Two of them cum twice. As they return to the group, two others are chased by the kommandos and one is captured. His 6 mates follow in hot pursuit.
The newly captured youth is thrown in to the cell with Hart and it is the dark youth who initiates sex with Hart and sucks him dry. Steel, the big tattooed guy and a third kommando are having their own little orgy as 3 of the soccer boys watch through the window. They are so turned on by these older guys sucking cock that they drop their own shorts and jog pants and whip out yet more big uncut cocks and start sucking each other. No sooner have they cum when they are chased by the kommandos through the disused building with their huge semi-stiff cocks flapping about.
In the final 2 scenes the boys are captured and raped by the older kommandos - and they love it. One of the boys, tall and slim with a shaved head, tuft on his chin and an enormous cock gets fingered, fucked and sucked and ends up with a pile of cum on his shaved head.
One of the films that made this German studio so popular. Very highly recommended.
2013-07-31 15:03:17
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