Bijou Classics - The Best Of J Brian (1993)

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This well-edited and narrated retrospective of gay fuck flick pioneer filmmaker J. Brian (Brian J. Donohue) sparkles precisely because of what it lacks: the artist himself, speaking in his own words.

This serious omission allows the artist's work to speak both for him and for itself, and allows the viewer a freshness unencumbered by bias. The work, five films and seven vignettes, speaks loudly of J. Brian's vision of youth, sexual freedom, and naturalism unfettered by society or its constraints.

Also shown are slides culled from J. Brian's earlier work as a still photographer: handsome "outdoorsy" All-American golden boys with big boners, both cut and uncut, that echo his fascination for youthful beauty. A hurried overview of J. Brian's infamous Seven In A Barn features a seven-man circle jerk and quickly cuts to a three-way daisy-suck chain and an energetic 69 session.

A brunet gobbles the big spear of a college athlete before both spurt wet loads and kiss, rolling around in a field. This compilation hits its stride in an excerpt from First Time Round, where an uninhibited surfer hitches a ride home from a pent-up and suited gentleman. Inviting the uptight stud in for a relaxing beer, the surfer casually asks him to join him in the shower, which he does in a rush of surprise and release. Lathering and mutually masturbating, these two horny fellows fall into a sensuous rhythm that is a joy to behold: the driver eagerly swallows the surfer's pretty wedgie and jerks his host off until he spurts his seed.

Next, a motorcyclist picks up a reluctant sailor and sucks his dick in a forest before the sailor freaks and pushes the hungry cock-sucker with such strength that he falls and hits his head. Frightened, the sailor takes the cycle and runs away.

A cruisy health club is the setting for Tuesday Morning Workout, where a curly-haired bodybuilder challenges a sexy brunet to a wrestling match. After oiling themselves, these humpy studs toss, spin, hump, and rub each other until they finally get down to some serious 69 action, rimming and mutual masturbation. The curly-haired top pushes his spongy, long cock into the round cakes of the brunet and soon guzzles his cum.

J. Brian's Raw Country hearkens to the more conventional Lord of the Flies with its scene of a gang of horny studs banging the unwilling ass of a sandy-brown, pale youth over a rock in the woods. After taking eight of their long poles in his stretched hole, he is allowed to stumble off awkwardly.

A sculptor hangs a glass mobile creation outdoors and while sunbathing attracts two strangers who admire his piece as they take turns slurping one another. The sculptor gets to fuck the offered butt of his first admirer as he sucks a frizzy-haired stud's pencil dick.

Finally, superstar blond Leo Ford's cinema debut is captured in J. Brian's Flashbacks. He appears as a jockstrap contestant in the End-Up's bar tournament and Leo's fantasy is to couple poolside with a wiry brunet, and we get to see these two beautiful, young, tanned, and smooth hunks make love. Oiling one another, they trade blow jobs, rim jobs, and deep fucking on a chaise before Leo shoots two huge loads and his buddy drops his juice in Leo's mouth.

Though opening with rather sappy narration, this informative and comprehensive retrospective pays homage to a trailblazer by appropriately focusing on the artist's work and vision of gay male sexuality.

Leo Ford; Dean Chasson, Christopher Gregory, Jerome Sanderson, Jim Gorga, Marty Storm, Tod Taylor, Val Anderson; Skip Sheppard, Gary Young, Steve Boyd, Hugh Davidson, Joe Free, Rusty Adams, Scott Larson, Dane Tremmell, Brian Delaney, Ron Miles; Joe Markham, Jason Walker, Doug Williams, Dale Carpenter, Timothy Simons, Aaron Bedford, Eric Martin; Leo Ford, Douglas Boggs, Frank Sears, Gary Coon, Jamie Wingo, Jeff Porter, Jim Mallett, Mickey Squires, Miles Mitchell, Randy Johnson, Rick Adams, Ron Pearson, Will Seagers

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