He Always Gets What He Wants

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ward-winning Stable Entertainment takes a global approach with the debut film from its new division, Stable International. He Always Gets What He Wants, shot entirely in the Czech Republic, is a remarkable movie in its own right - and a very welcome addition to Stable's impressive library.
More & more outstanding adult films are produced in Eastern Europe. Artistry & talent have never lacked there. Technical mastery & high-reaching production values were previously problematical. That's changed in the past few years. He Always Gets What He Wants proves it.
The feature opens with Marco Paris & exceptionally handsome Stefan Pur seated opposite one another in a business office setting. The paired actors get down to business within moments of the scene's start. Their action is very nicely staged. Paris gets an awesome anal corkscrewing when he rotates from on-all-fours to on-his-back - while continually skewered on Pur's prong.
The nicely restrained use of lighting goes a long way toward maintaining clear visibility of the action. The anal sex sequences, so often tricky to illuminate, are particularly well lit in He Always Gets What He Wants. Clean & motivated edits bring the scene to its climax. Both actors glaze Pur's smooth chest with copious (and well-filmed) loads.
Mass transit takes a pleasant turn in the next sequence of He Always Gets What He Wants. Three hunky passengers - two friends: Kaan Hard & Lubos Haas; and a muscular stranger, Ricco Stone, spy each other aboard a crowded trolley. Next, the trio is seen exercising at their apparent destination: a downtown health club.
After but a few flexes, the group is stripping down for an even more strenuous workout. Haas pauses not a moment before taking a big boner down his hungry gullet. The cocksucking technique permits Stone's uncut cock to be easily viewed in its entirety. Three-ways are notoriously hard to film. Director Viktor Store does it better than most.
The actors display impressive athletic ability when Haas takes a unique heads-down position on one of the weight machines and gets fucked by Stone. Splendid money shots are delivered by two of the three. Overall this is a very good scene with a trio of very good-looking performers at what maybe the height of their physical developments - bravo...or, vyborne, as our Czech friends say.
Clearly, Ricco Stone is the 'He' mentioned in the film's title. He arrives again in this very next scene, now teamed with Hynec Cross. Stone, an attractive young actor with his prodigious penis has the stuff of a top-flight porn star. When he licks the entire length of his partner's torso, kudos go to the kid.
The fervency of the pair's kissing suggests a true chemistry between them might be actually occurring. In fact, there's been quite a bit of osculatory action presented thus far in this movie. Deep & passionate wet kissing is a relatively rare act in gay adult films. Viewing it amongst such a handsome cast - and seeming so sincere - is delightful.
Stone shows outstanding performance prowess as he slowly penetrates his partner's exceedingly tight pucker. By wisely withholding a large portion of his cock from making a full plunge, the audience is treated to outstanding views of his meat wedging its way in.
During this scene, the audience is treated to probably the best money-shots of the movie. Three orgasming organs are very nicely framed. Even the camera motion is handled with aplomb. This scene is especially good because of the comparative similarities of the performer's physiques. Each stands about the same height and have nearly identical musculatures.
Ricco Stone opens Scene Four scene with a graceful entrance down a spiral staircase into the adult section of a video store. He spots Mark Flowers, their eyes lock between openings in the shelves.
The tall blond stud wastes no time in jamming Stone's ever-erect phallus down his throat. Over-the-shoulder camera angles present the pair's passion perfectly. The best body in the film is revealed when Flowers peels off his shirt. This performer has a truly amazing anatomy.
The staircase proves to be an excellent set piece, permitting Store to film from above & below the boys. Stone emotes with gusto and his partner seems to relish getting banged up & down the stairs. Flowers gives a great legs-wide cum-shot. Stone soon finishes with yet another superb salvo of sperm.
This is a stupendous scene with scorching action. The director is obviously stretching his own artistic boundaries with the choice of location and the staging. Store takes some risks that prove mostly successful.
A soldier is hitchhiking along a country road. Lucky for him, Lubos Haas, it is Ricco Stone behind the wheel of the auto that stops first. The soldier climbs into the backseat (Is this how hitching is done in Europe?) and the pair make eye contact in the rearview mirror.
Almost immediately, the scene is transported to a camouflage drenched four-way already underway. Apparently, all four have enlisted for maneuvers not mentioned at the recruiting office. The uniformed sequence is a military salute which concludes He Always Gets What He Wants.
A special hats-off should be given to the film's costumer. The range of fashionable office attire lends a business-like atmosphere to the workplace scenes. The nearly all-gray wardrobe palate throughout the movie provides a constancy that lifts the look of the film...even if the actor's disrobe almost immediately.
Film director Victor Store brings astounding young talent to his production. He's got an extremely discriminating eye for male appeal. It's reported that he's already signed to make additional movies for Stable International. It's the start of something big...very, very big!
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