Skater Kidz 1, 2 and 3 Upscale To 1080p TVAI

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Skater Kidz 1
Distributor Gordi Films Switzerland  Released  2006  Length 94 min.
Studio Gordi Films Switzerland Director Gordon

Dany Starr  David Poplov  Dennis Canon Dopey Case  Dragan Miklos
Justin Caza  Marco Jurkovic  Mario Kizek  Mickey Marlow
Mischa Black  Nick Budva  Stefan Macek  Ziggy Roma

Thirteen kidz with fetishes for feet, socks,
and sneakers blow and fuck bareback.

Skater Kidz 2
Distributor Gordi Films Switzerland  Released 2007  Length 95 min.
Studio Gordi Films Switzerland  Director Gordon

Alex Martyn  Egy Carter  Jovan (white)  Larry Notter  Leo Cooper
Peter Uhlmann  Philip Denim  Tommy Rogers  Tommy Sem

They're back! Check out some sexy hot German twink guys as they
play with their skateboards for a bit,
and then with each other for the rest of the time.

Skater Kidz 3
Distributor Ikarus Entertainment  Released 2010 Length 103 min.
Studio Gordi Films Switzerland  Director Nicolas Logan

Alessandro Mancini  Alex Grant (eu)  Christian Elliot
Collin Richardson (2) Collin Richardsoin Onscreen
Daniel Woods  Jack Blue  Mario Kizek  Micky Marlow
Paul Blow  Peters (Boon)  Philippe Ryan

At long last: the sequel of the most successfull Gordi Movie:
11 young skaters in five action packed scenes!
Loads of jizz on ass and in mouth. Special foot fetish scene!!!
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