Haze McCarthy - solo

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Haze McCarthy likes being watched. He has been camming with us for a while and he realized that he gets off on having people watch him pleasure himself. He loves having sex in public. And he was very excited to get off in front of us. He slowly took off his socks and shirt, while he recounted his hottest sex stories. He revealed a smooth chiseled torso underneath his clothes. He got down to his underwear and started stroking his crotch. When he finally pulled his dick out, it was at full attention. The thing is huge. He sat down in the chair and showed off his long hard meat. Then he lifted his legs up into the air and showed off his hole. He then got up and turned around to show off his ass some more. He grabbed both cheeks of his bubble butt and spread them over and over. He touched his finger to his hole and gave a little moan of delight. Then he laid down on the couch and started to build up the speed. He finally shot all over himself and laid there in a hot mix of sweat and cum. As he smiled into my camera I realized that it is fucking hot to film someone do what they do best.
2013-07-25 21:24:17
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