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Matthew Matters and Kyle - In only a minute or two, Kyle assures Matthew: "You?ll fit in just fine." And although it?s sizeable, Matthew?s cock does indeed fit just fine in Kyle?s hungry mouth. As Kyle deep throats him with ease and gusto, Matthew, straddling a wooden chair, throws back his head and blurts out the obvious: "that feels awesome." Matthew gives Kyle lots of encouragement and Kyle reciprocates with lots of respect: "I love the way you stroke my cock and suck it at the same time," says Matthew. "I love sucking cock," Kyle admits. "It shows," Matthew admits. "I think this roommate situation might work out beautifully." When Matthew stands, with jeans and boxers still on, we can admire his lean athletic body and follow his trail down to the base of his formidable cock. Far from passive, Matthew reaches down with his fingers to scoop some pre-cum off of Kyle?s leaking cock, obviously finding it tasty: "Mmmmm." The chat between these guys is hardly original?"I love cock.? says Kyle; "It loves you," says Matthew?but it?s straightforward and Matthew seems believable when he announces: "You make me so fuckin? horny." The camera angles are excellent: we get to look down from Matthew?s point of view in a nifty close-up of Kyle sucking cock with Matthew?s hand gently holding his head in place. And when Matthew accepts Kyle?s invitation to fuck him, we are there (up close and very personal) for some deep, slow, and juicy penetration.

Kyle leans back on the couch while Matthew stands to fuck him, getting some serious leverage. Then they switch places and Kyle fucks Matthew. Although Kyle turns out to be a better bottom than top (he has some trouble staying hard enough to throw a solid fuck into Matthew), when he peels off his condom, he shoots a hefty rope way beyond Matthew?s face, before dropping the rest of his load on Matthew?s tongue and chin. We get nice close-ups of some sloppy kissing with Kyle?s cum dripping from Matthew?s lips and chin. Then it?s Matthew?s turn to feed Kyle his messy and surprising load; surprising, because just when you think he?s shot his wad, Matthew pumps out still more heavy jizz. Naturally, there is more sloppy kissing and sharing of tasty dude cream. Mmmmm. (Check out the very appealing Kyle in Defiant?s CRAVING THE SPUNK and WHO WOULD?VE THOUGHT.)

Matthew, Brett, and Ashton - Maybe it?s Matthew who matters in this tape and who more than holds his own (so to speak) in every scene, but maybe it?s Ashton who will be the break-out star for Defiant. Ashton is definitely a pretty guy, who, we?re told, has just had his hair dyed blonde. His physique and his attitude command as much attention and respect as his pretty face. The premise here is that Matthew just got paid and has been generous enough to have picked up some new porno tapes to watch with his buddies Brett and Ashton. So we begin with a by now familiar and still appealing Defiant situation: three buddies side by side on a couch jerking off. Ashton, who claims never to have jerked off in front of another guy before, tries to focus on the new video, commenting: " she?s taking two [cocks] at once in her mouth." This prompts Matthew to announce that he likes watching a girl take two cocks in her pussy. When Brett offers to help Matthew with some head, Ashton strips (except for his white socks) and gets serious about his stroking, trying to watch both the video and Matthew and Brett at the same time. "You?re getting jealous right now," Brett teases Ashton, generously sucking the newbies? cock while Matthew sucks him. "First time I?ve ever done anything with a guy," claims Ashton. Won?t be the last, it seems: Ashton gets horny and sexy fast, rubbing his own chest sensuously while getting head. "I wanna watch you suck his dick," Ashton tells Brett, re-directing his attention to Matthew, who matters. Jerking on Ashton?s pretty cock, Matthew coaches him to tug his own balls. This almost makes our pretty guy lose control: ?Slow down! I don?t wanna cum too fast and I?m about there." Ashton tells Matthew that Brett has earned the right to fuck Matthew. Gratefully, Matthew rewards Ashton with some excellent tonguing of his head, which again pushes our new guy to the edge: "I?m so horny, I?m about to cum." You?ll understand. "That?s a beautiful cock," Matthew praises Ashton." "Thank you," Ashton replies politely, adding "I know it is. I?m very proud of it." You?ll understand. Ashton just can?t hold back any longer and drops his load on Matthew, before eating it. Brett just can?t stop sucking Ashton, who by now is sucking Matthew, if only briefly. Ashton blows a second load in Brett?s face ("Watch the eyes," pleads Brett) and cleans it up before getting dressed to leave because?you guessed it?his girlfriend is waiting, and he?s just not sure he?s really ready to suck cock. After Ashton leaves, Brett and Matthew talk about his beautiful cock and foreskin, before finding an interesting substitute in a large ribbed dildo. Brett takes most of this dildo, while Matthew takes a smaller, but vibrating, dildo. Before long, Matthew spews a messy load in Brett?s face and then lick it up. "New porn. New jack off buddies, Phat fuckin? nut," Matthew exclaims with satisfaction. This inspires Brett to cum in Matthew?s face and all over his stomach. Matthew hungrily licks it up, but drops a heavy clump into Brett?s eager mouth. They express pride in how well they share. You?ll understand.

Matthew, Shane, and Tye - Next Matthew hooks up with Shane and Tye for another three-way session with a distinctly different feel from the last. This time it?s Shane who matters. After jacking off on camera ten times for SHANE: THE SOLO RELEASE, this Defiant favorite announces that he is "overdue" for some head. When Shane releases his hard cock from his blue boxers, Matthew and Tye take turns providing that overdue head, with Tye using his tongue stud to especially good effect. If you have a thing for saliva, you will love this scene: it is full of spit. The spitting starts when Shane lubes up Mathew?s big cock with his saliva; then Matthew spits on his own cock. Going back and forth between Shane and Matthew?s cocks, Tye seems to be hungry for their spit. With his now familiar "Watch this," Shane blows a smallish load, tastes it, and lets Tye and Matthew also taste it, before leaving for the shower. Now Matthew gets down to business and sucks Tye like he means it. The video in the background gets noisier and the spit gets wetter. Shane wanders back in. fresh from his shower, still hard and horny. Spitting on Tye?s cock, Shane offers a suggestion to Matthew: "Know what I?d like to see? I?d like to see you fuck him." So Matthew throws a pretty good fuck into Tye, who licks Shane?s cock and balls, while the futon bangs noisily. Matthew says he wants a "big ass fuckin? wad." With a little help from Tye?s talented tongue ("Thanks, bud"), Shane unleashes a couple of his signature spurts. "Well," says Shane, I got two to each of you guys?s one, so you better get to work." Obediently, Tye announces, "I?m about to nut," shooting a healthy stream," which Shane admiringly describes as "pretty explosive." "It?s only me now," Matthew observes, before squeezing out what seems to be a smallish load before it is punctuated by a major eruption. "That was explosive," Shane notes approvingly.

Matthew and Ashton - What starts out as a third three-way, instead turns into two one-on-one sessions, which turns out to be a very good thing. Matthew gets it on first with the gorgeous stud puppy, Ashton, and then with Jamie. Blue is definitely Ashton?s color, but when he strips off his blue jacket, blue shirt, and blue jeans, we are confronted with an impressive tight body. Although they guys are talking about girls sucking cock in the video they?re watching, it seems more likely that Ashton inspires Matthew, who sports an especially impressive boner throughout this session. "Yours is bigger than mine," admits Ashton. "Feels good," admits Ashton, while they jack together. Sensing an opening, Matthew asks, "Would it feel good if some one was sucking it?" "Yeah, it would," admits Ashton. Matthew?s attention not only brings out the very best in Ashton?s uncut meat ("See, I don?t need lubrication. I have the foreskin. It?s natural lubrication"), but also brings a killer smile to Ashton?s model quality face. Tempted by Matthew, Ashton teases: "Would it feel good if I sucked it? Not sure I?m ready yet. Maybe next time. I just like to tease, I guess." I guess. "Sure you don?t wanna suck it?" pleads Matthew. "Maybe next time," Ashton teases," I?m still a virgin to that kind of thing." Turning their attention to the straight porno, Ashton gets all butch: "We could out-fuck that guy. Make her scream way louder." Turning his attention back to himself, Ashton gets off another classic line: "Always say that you?re the only one who knows how to make yourself get off the best." Settling into a great side-by-side jack off, Matthew (still in white socks) and Ashton play a little footsie. There?s some spitting: "for people who have a feet-ish for spitting," as Ashton unintentionally puns. And Ashton can?t resist feeling Matthew?s major wood: "It?s huge!" There?s some two-handed stroking, a technique preferred by Ashton. And then there?s Ashton?s intense and thick and creamy load. He?s not a shooter, but he creams on his abs and "shares the wealth" with Matthew who seems to appreciate it. After admiring his own pre-cum, Matthew announces to an eager Ashton that he is ready to cum, before squirting "a lot of cum" in his own face. "Damn!" says Ashton and feeds some cum to Matthew. "Maybe that Jamie guy will want to do something later," suggests Matthew. Maybe.

Matthew and Jamie - Turns out that Jamie not only has a cute little goatee and sexy big nips, but also a hefty cock. Matthew jacks and sucks Jamie and more saliva is produced. There?s lots of moaning and mutual jacking, and Matthew tries to talk Jamie into sucking his cock. Jamie will just flick his tongue near the head. Jamie?s own solid and fat cock curves up and feels good enough to make him moan "Feels so good" repeatedly. Jacking Matthew, Jamie is clearly tempted to suck him and?finally?licks the head . . . going back for seconds before long. When Matthew drops a wad of saliva on his own cock, Jamie first licks it off the head and then takes it all in his mouth. Jacking off in Jamie?s face, Matthew instructs him to "cup" his balls. Eager to please, as always, Matthew asks: "Did you like it better when I was just sucking you? Or did you like it better when I was sucking you and stroking you at the same time?" "Sucking and stroking," Jamie manages to mumble. "That?s what I like, too," Matthew hints, to no avail. Jamie then shows Matthew that he can manage to lick his own cock. But the guys soon relax into a side-by-side jerk off, until Matthew asks, "Wanna see me shoot it?" just before shooting a huge stream, which of course he tastes. Jamie leans back into Matthew?s arms and beats himself off until he explodes, with at least two impressive jets landing directly in his open mouth and more in his goatee and all over his upper torso. Impressed, Matthew shows us all the places that Jamie splattered.

And that?s why Matthew mattered.

Directed by Joe Serna.

A Defiant Productions DVD.

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