BWN's Candyman Crew Elijah and Snake

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BWN's Candyman is one part submission wrestler, one part bully, one part erotic and sexy, and totally dominant.  He and Elijah seem to always have some weirdness going on.  Candyman has had close to a 1/2 dozen jobbers in his crew, and several wrestlers, and he's molested them all and they loved it.  So, did I. Aside from working magic with a bottle of baby oil, can he keep from getting Elijah to break with his crew?  Four Candyman matches with Elijah brooding.  Enjoy!

Bashed & Broken 6  Candyman vs. Elijah
Grudge Match 21  Whose Muscles Candyman vs Elijah
Slave 4 a Day 5  Candyman w  Snake vs. Elijah
XTRA! 27  Elijah vs. Candyman

2023-02-16 05:18:55
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