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It was indeed a surprise for me to see that guy’s friend coming in. I was still naked but even though I just had a great cum-shot the idea of fucking his room-mate was an instant turn-on. I told the other guy to leave and continued with him. Obviously he knew by now about the kind of deals I am offering. And he had some time to think about it… and now, as he himself is asking for it I should have an easy game. We started to talk about his debts. He told me that he was crashing a friend’s car. And the car was – of course – not ensured. All he was asking for was 25000 CZK to repair the car. I offered him 30000 CZ to keep him motivated. I could see from his eyes that somehow he was even happy to get rid of the debt but on the other hand not sure what he was about to do…
2015-09-28 03:54:54
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