[Delta] Joe's Big Adventure (Scene 6)

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Joe's Big Adventure

Director: Barry Knight

Studio: Delta Productions
Produced: 1998
Starring: Joe Landon, Tommy Crusie, Jessy, Jeffrey, Guillaume, Karl, Vito, Mike, Kenny, Tommy

Categories:  Twinks, American
GayVN Best Solo Performance for 2000: Joe Landon

This is the film that introduced the world to tall, hung blond Joe Landon. But this clip from the film doesn't include him. Here, Jeffrey is featured with young, blond, furry-assed Tommy. We are told Jeffrey likes to lure young boys to his room for a massage. We also find out Jeffrey has a bit of a foot fetish. One thing leads to another and soon enough Jeffrey has his heels in the air, and Tommy does the honors. There is a cute epilogue to the scene that takes place in a shower. Both boys get a little silly in the shower. Very hot.
2011-05-25 14:16:56
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