RagingStallion - Well Bred (2023) Sc5 - Alex Ink and Devin Franco[BB][2160p]4K

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Devin Franco is in desperate need of having a strangers cock
deep inside his pink asshole. He stands in the doorway overlooking
the hotel pool, presenting his stiff dick and fuckable peach to
muscular sunbather Alex Ink, who is quick to stand up and follow
the horny vacationer inside. Getting right to it, Alex spreads Devins
cheeks apart to rim his delicious hole before sliding in his fingers
and then pumping him full of meat. He next drills Devins ass in multiple
directions until Devin is ready to ride Alexs bareback cock and
give the stranger a taste of his load.
Alex immediately returns the favor as he nuts on Devins bare ass
and scoops up his cum for Devin to eat as an after-fuck treat.

H.264, AAC
Time  25:51

Release date: 2023-5-26
2023-05-26 10:30:37
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