Filmco Video - Black Lust White Passion (1987) (DVD-Rip)

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Excellent DVD-rip of this rare classic interracial movie with lots of rough precondom sex and kinky play and featuring twelve great looking, horny black & white guys together in seven wild sex scenes. A perfect blend of hard black studs & blond white guys that makes you want to watch this video over and over again.

Cast: Scot Arden, Cory Monroe, T.J. Swan, Kevin Myers, David Watson, Dennis Johnson, Don Robbins, Randy Cochran, Rick Channing, Tony Mason, Tory Bell, Mike Polk. Directed by Mike Haggarty.

Redheaded Scot Arden runs a Beverly Hills massage agency. He explains to a prospective masseur how it became an affirmative-action agency. He and Cory Monroe got their butts reddened after they rubbed T.J. Swan the wrong way.

Scene 1 - T.J. Swan, Scot Arden
Scot runs a very exclusive male massage agency in Beverly Hills. When T.J. calls, Scot agrees to give him a massage. when Scot first meets T.J. he doesn't want to give T.J. a rubdown. T.J. gives Scot a good hard spanking, which convinces Scot to give T.J. a massage and which leads to a very wild sex scene.

Scene 2 -  T.J. Swan, Cory Monroe
Horny T.J. is ready for more so Scot calls his agency and has cute, tanned, blond Cory come over. Cory doesn't want to massage T.J. at first either, but another severe spanking from T.J. convinces Cory he'd better get to work. Cory ends up sucking on and being fucked by T.J.'s large cock, and loving every inch of it. A really wild sex scene with ass licking, deep throat cock sucking, spanking, fucking and lots of cumshots.

Scene 3 - Don Robbins, Tony Mason, Scot Arden
Scot and one of his most talented masseurs, Don, drive up to a nice home above Hollywood to give a massage to Tony, who is a houseboy to a very wealthy man. Scot has to get back to the office, so he drops Don off. Tony and Don hit it off right away. After a short time Don gets turned on, especially after rubbing Tony's cute butt. Don and Tony both have roaring hard-ons, which leads to some hot and heavy sucking action. Don then licks out Tony's firm ass probing every part of it with his long tongue. Don sticks his big white cock into Tony's firm brown butt. Tony has trouble taking it as first, but then after a while he gets used to it.

Scene 4 -  Scot Arden, Tory Bell
Scot goes back to T.J.'s place to give, Tory, one of T.J.'s buddies, a massage. Tory is the State Boxing Champion in the Junior Division, and he likes to practice at T.J.'s place. By the time Scot arrives Tory has been boxing for quite a while and is more than ready for a massage. As Scot is rubbing Tory's hard muscular body, Tory gets a roaring hard-on. Tory wants his cock sucked, so Scot sucks on Tory's big cock. Scot kisses Tory's cock and balls all over. Then Tory says he wants his ass licked out Great close-up shots of Scot's tongue probing every part of Tory's butt. Both guys are so excited they each cum twice.

Scene 5 - Scot Arden, David Watson
Scot gives a special massage to David Watson. Besides the usual cock sucking and ass licking that Scot does for his client, David takes care of the inside of his ass by the use of a rather large dildo.

Scene 6 - Kevin Myers, Randy Cochran, Dennis Johnson
Dennis Johnson and his friend Randy Cochran go back to Dennis' appartment. Dennis has an appointment for a massage and doesn't want to be late. Soon Scot arrives with Kevin, his newest masseur. Kevin and Randy hit it off right away. Kevin gives Randy a great rubdown, which leads to Kevin sucking on Randy's hard cock as Dennis watches. Dennis gets jealous; he wants some action too so Dennis grabs Kevin and gives him a good hard spanking. Kevin's firm white ass quickly turns red as Dennis spanks him as hard as he can. Randy stops the spanking and kisses Kevin's sore ass as Dennis licks out Kevin's ass. Randy then fucks the hell out of Kevin in several great positions.

Scene 7 - Rick Channing, Mike Polk
Scot lets Rick Channing, who has applied for a job as a masseur, get it on with his cute black lover Mike, to see if Rick knows how to satisfy a client. A hot sex scene with ass licking, cock sucking and the new kid fucking the daylights out of Mike.

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