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Original upload: 2010-06-12 |

2005, 90 min

Country:  US

Cast:  Clay Maverick, Bobby Williams, Jason Crew, Eric Hunter, Troy Punk, Jason Ridge, Rob Romoni, Jacob Slader

Director:  John Bruno


From the press notes, courtesy of All Worlds Video:
"There are a few things you need to know before you do Bobby Williams, and Clay Maverick is here to tell you all about them.

Clay Maverick just found out his son is gay, and he's about to prove how good of a father he can be. It all started when Clay came home to find his son Bobby in his bedroom going down on Jacob Slader's fat cock. Rather than cause a scene, Clay lets the guys have their fun, and what fun it is with Bobby getting his ass eaten out until he's all wet and ready to take it up the rear. Before long Jacob is railing Bobby's ass and he is groaning his approval the entire time. Bobby spills his load and then begs for Jacob to cum all over his face.

Since Clay doesn't approve of Jacob, he sets out of find his son the perfect boyfriend. The auditions start with Eric Hunter, Jason Ridge and Jason Crew all looking for a shot at Clay's hot son.

While Clay is trying to get the candidates into shape for his son, Jason Ridge decides to teach Eric Hunter a few lessons of his own in the gym. The two studs waste no time in stripping down and Eric is quick to get on his knees and begin worshiping Ridge's cock and balls. The two switch things up with Jason lying on a weight bench so he can suck Eric's cock and tea bad his hairy nuts. Jason fingers his own ass, getting it ready for a good fucking, then he spreads his legs to that Eric can open him up with three fingers. Finally Eric slides his cock up Jason's eager ass and he pounds him on the weight bench.

After giving Jason a good pounding, Eric throws his legs up and gives Jason a chance to fuck his hairy hole. Eric groans and rolls his eyes back in ecstasy while stroking his hard cock as Jason power fucks him. In the end Jason unloads his cum all over Eric's back and Eric finishes up by stroking his load out over the weight bench.

Clay brings in some pro's, Rob Romoni and Troy Punk to show his son's potential dates a thing or two about gay sex. When the guys decide they can cover things on their own, Clay elects to get a little first hand lesson from Rob and Troy. Rob wastes no time getting Clays cock in his mouth and then takes turns alternating between Clay and Troy's hard cocks. Troy then gets a taste of Clay's cock as he switches back and forth between the two studs. Now that he's been turned on to gay sex Clay takes his own turn at sucking cock going back and forth between Rob and Troy's hard dicks. The three end up forming a hot fuck train with Rob taking Troy's cock and Troy getting fucked up the ass by Clay. Then Troy bends over to take it doggie style from Clay while sucking Rob's hard cock.

After fucking Troy's ass, Clay's ready to test drive Rob's ass and puts him on his back so he can fuck him while Rob works Troy's cock in his mouth. Troy is the first of the three to blow his load and he dumps his thick creamy load on his hairy stomach. Rob squeezes out his own load onto his smooth stomach and last but not least Clay sprays a load across the other two guys chests.

In the end, thanks to his father's meddling, Bobby does find a new boyfriend in Jason Crew and the two waste no time stripping down and getting it on. Jason works his mouth up and down Bobby's cock first and then face fucks Bobby and orders him to eat his ass out. Bobby loves every inch of Jason's big dick and the two get into some hot sixty-nine action with Jason tongue fucking Bobby's smooth pink hole. A rock hard Bobby ends up riding Jason's monster cock and he works up a sweat with Jason pounding his hole. After getting his hole worked over good, Bobby decides he wants a shot at Jason's ass and bends him over the side of the bed so he can return the favor.

Jason enjoys the fucking so much he blows a load all over his stomach with Bobby's cock still up his ass. On his back, Bobby finishes by stroking his cock and smearing his own load all over Jason's cute face."

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