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Horny friends Sal and Miguel Decide they don't need anyone else to quench there need for cock. They could be each others booty call. I just happened to be there to catch it on video, YAY!!! I was just grateful to be there, big guys are usually very randy and love cock. This is the case with both Sal and Miguel. I enjoyed watching Sal blowing Miguel’s thick meat, he was hungry for it!!! Sal became a mad man once Mig’s dick was up his ass, it was like he hadn't been fucked in years. The boys really took advantage of this opportunity to show me what they could do. The two buds even shared a double sided dildo together, talk about being close. That got my sexual juicing flowing seeing that awesome site. It was like two mountains were colliding! In conclusion we finished the scene out doors for some summer sex by the pool. Not bad for a days work, Pedri Almost forgot, Ron Starr showed us how he unwinds after a hard day at the office in a complimentary solo scene :)
2011-10-23 13:30:51
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