Can-Am - Hollywood Erotic Pro Wrestling 7

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Logan Scion and Jamie Stroud in the Can-Am Arena Pro Ring....

Jamie is a gymnast so he's flexible as fuck which he proves when he enters the ring and gives us a nice good look at his stretched out hot bod in a pair of tight, packed pouch silver posers. Enter Logan in lime green posers and the trash talk immediate starts... but who's gonna prove it?

Jamie quickly gets the upper hand with a tight headlock, several body punches and then a hot dragon sleeper... with a touch of ball squeezing.... But he doesn't stop there as he applies a solid leglock with a tight ball grab chaser. Switching to an armbar keeps Logan right where he wants him... moaning in pain as he applies another tight grip on Logan's manmeat... asking "This is turning you on - isn't it?"

Jamie gets Logan in a head scissors and tightens his gymnast quads on Logan's head... all the while going for the jewels. Sexy to watch - no doubt! A series of knee-lifts in the corner turnbuckle softens up Logan and preps him for the first fall finisher - a Boston Crab.

Cocky Jamie wants to get on with round two but leaves himsrlf open to a low blow and down he goes. Now it's payback time and Jamie's packed pouch is Logan's center of attention with a long series of knee drops right into his manhood. Not to be done there... Logan sits on Jamie's chest and forces Jamie's face into his crotch all the while grabbing onto Jamie's hot crotch.

Logan can be one dirty fighter... Jamie's probably regretting his attack on Logan's jewels as Logan goes to town on everything Jamie... repeatedly forcing Jamie's face into his crotch while pounding abs and attacking Jamie's very sore babymaker. Jamie then finds himself in an over the knee backbreaker with a cock and balls vicehold. Painful to experience but beautiful to watch...

"Is that all you got?" asks Jamie with the response "That's a lot of talk from somebody on the floor!" - "What else have you got?" followed by Logan's silent response - another knee drop right to Jamie's balls... followed by crotch face smothering, tight crotch grabs and oh so much more.

The final round is a fantastic display of give and take as the upper hand goes back and forth with sexy erotic moves. Who wins? Check out the trailer for yourself.
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