Chaosmen - Griffin & Raymond

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Raymond is fun to watch in this video. Despite having his dick sucked a couple times (while watching porn on his phone) he still was a little nervous and unsure during this video. He watches himself a lot on the monitors, and also checks out the porn playing for him from time to time.

Griffin massages him really nicely. Raymond has a firm muscular body, but stayed tense. Griffin had to practically rip his cheeks apart to get in there and play with his hole. Talk about anal retentive!

Once Griffin gets him doggy-style and able to truly milk his cock, Raymond finally gets in the zone. His cock perks up and Griffin sucks on it while paying attention to his hole.

Griffin flips Raymond on his back, slicks him up, and then starts to really work his cock! It is just priceless watching Raymond’s face go through all kinds of emotions!

Griffin makes him cum with a double-fisted action, then laps up his load with his tongue.

Raymond still doesn’t know exactly what to think of what he just did, but his cock sure left with a happy ending!
2022-11-21 11:41:49
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