Uprising (2007) Falcon International DVD

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DVD (VIDEO_TS) and mp4

director Attila Kiss

Adam Russo (cz)
Denis Reed
Evan Rochelle
Gabriel Thorsten
Johny Linus
Mario McGabe
Mark Zebro
Milan Breze
Richard Jordan (2)

A classic story of conflict between the nobility and the peasants. Follow along as an erotic tale of intrigue and indulgence is woven through the lusty exploits of a people divided in everything but their desire.

1. Mario McGabe and Gabriel Thorsten take a break from maneuvers for some sun-soaked sucking and fucking.

2. Milan Breze, Mark Zebro, and Richard Jordan enjoy an erotic interlude as the sun makes its way down.

3. Adam Russo and Johny Linus enjoy the limits of their flesh in the great outdoors.

4. Evan Rochelle, Denis Reed, and Richard Jordan take a few steps beyond the usual interrogation.

5. Denis Reed and Mark Zebro enjoy a roll in the hay.
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