Christian Thorn vs Elite Eliot

Wrestling and Sports
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Christian Thorn (5'6", 150 lbs, Missouri)
Elite Eliot (5'11", 195 lbs, Illinois)

Elite Eliot has to be one of the most beautiful wrestlers around. With his smooth, perfect body and tasteful, colorful, floral tats, he’s a pleasure to watch as he thrusts and stretches in preparation for a match with Christian Thorn, who is a whole different brand of beautiful. Both guys have badass bodies and are very serious about their wrestling practice. Watching this match is like watching a master painter make a masterpiece!

Thorn calls Eliot an amateur seconds before the initial lockup that sees Thorn’s neck nicely squeezed by Eliot, which Thorn manages to transition into his own scissor punishment on Eliot’s torso. Soon they’re locked up like two snakes and rolling around so tightly you can practically taste the rage. Thorn sleepers Eliot so hard he turns bright red before tapping in desperation.

It’s a steamy back-and-forth kind of battle with a score that keeps tying up. Both men moan, gasp, pant, and groan and they roll, wriggle, and rip each other apart. This is a ground game for sure, and both men are incredible at floor tactics. You can see the skin being stretched on both boys as the brutal wearing battle rages on. Bare feet lockup, fingers pry and press, faces frozen in fury, and two of the tightest bods in town fight it out hard!

Total Runtime: 25 minutes, 17 seconds
2022-09-21 11:48:17
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