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BOUT 1: RANDY PAGE VS. THOMAS MAGMUM.............. If you like your wrestlers to be blond/blue/18 years old, with a gorgeous sleek muscular physique, then Thomas is your cup of tea. You'll see Thomas in a short workout as the camera makes love to his body from a variety of different angles. He truly is a handsome devil. Randy Page patiently awaits his ring entrance. Those who have seen legendary Randy's Hollywood Muscleboy #2 know that Randy is one hell of a freestyle wrestler. He knows his holds, he knows how to make Muscleboys submit, and he loves humiliating them. They think their strong and hot shit, but when Randy lets loose his full wrestling skill, they don't stand a chance. Magnum is no exception. At 6ft and 165lbs he's about Randy's size. Page shows Magnum who's Boss in the opening seconds of the match by getting a submission. Thomas's face is a classic. He wonders how it could have happened this fast. Thomas puts up a vigorous battle, but is clearly outclassed all the way. Watching him get humiliated and lose is part of the fun............................. BOUT 2: VINNIE MARINO VS. PERRY CLAYBOY.......... Perry is 6, 205 lbs and 18 years old. Vinnie is 5ft10 and 225 lbs. Vinnie's got humongous pecs, mountainous thighs, and a jutting out fantasy ass. Vinnie is stuffed into trunks way too small, so they are continually going into his ass crack. This match is more pro style and the two have lots of fun trying to emulate the pro's. Sometimes it's a hit and sometimes it's a miss. But it's visually stimulating, to say the least, to watch these two go at it. Vinnie takes the first fall with a combination, on the mat, full nelson/body scissors. Perry takes the second with a combination choke and leg hold. The action in the second fall is more intense with verbal abuse and some body punching. Ball grabbing fans will enjoy the 3rd fall when at one point in order to reverse a hold Perry simply grabs Vinnie's balls and forces him to give up his advantage.................................. BOUT 3: RICK RAMBO VS. JIMMY HURRICANE............ (Jimmy Hurricane AKA Nitro from the hit TV show, The American Gladiators, back in the late 80's, early 90's)............................. Nitro came to BG long before he became a hit on the American Gladiators show. Rick Rambo was his roommate at the time. These two guys, clad in body clinging spandex workout tights, and barefoot, put forth a lot of energy trying to put each other down. Both are incredibly handsome and have beautiful muscled bodies. The action is mainly freestyle with a hint of pro. BG just let them be themselves and go at it. BG figured they could do virtually anything and it would end up being entertaining, as they both are just so delicious to watch and look at. .............................................. BOUT 4: RANDY PAGE VS. SCOTT MENDEL.............. You might call this more of a Greco Roman bout, as Scott Mendel, a real Musclehunk, loves throwing Randy all over the place. On the mat Randy has a definite edge, but you can tell Scott has wrestling experience and this match is perhaps the toughest of Randy's matches on this tape. The edge goes to Randy for aerobic conditioning and on the mat wrestling, but strength wise and in the Greco Roman maneuvers the match goes to Scott hands down. At 6ft1 and 217 lbs Scott is a big challenge to the 175 lb Randy. The ending is interesting because it indicates that even Randy has his limits. Barefoot action. (NOTE: Annoying music is playing in the background. Some may wish to turn down the sound at this point)................................ BOUT 5: RANDY PAGE VS. BRIAN DANIELS............. Part of the success of Hollywood Muscleboy #2 and Young Musclestuds #1 has been that BG has let Randy come up with his own opponents. In so doing Randy is thus totally motivated to show us his best wrestling. Where he continually comes up with these gorgeous, handsome, well-muscled guys is amazing. Brian Daniels certainly is no exception to this never-ending stream of handsome Musclehunks. Clad in form-fitting white Speedos and showing a solid, shapely butt to die for, Brian is one handsome, well-muscled specimen. This drop-dead beauty gives Randy a real tussle, but as usual the Muscleboy is outclassed in capability. Two minutes into this freestyle match-up Brian is pinned. And so it goes. But to watch Brian in action is sheet physical perfection. More barefoot action!.......................... BOUT 6: RANDY PAGE VS. MICHAEL STEFANO............. This is as close to a freestyle squash as one can possible get. The muscularity of Stefano and his good looks are superb. He has one of the most beautiful butts you'd ever hope to see. But he is literally Randy's play-toy. Randy cranked him into submission holds whenever he wanted. He whacked his ass, his chest, put his hand on the back of his neck to push him into a submissive position. BG's camera literally devours Michael's shapely, well-muscled body as he is put into all kinds of wrestling positions. Michael takes his squash good-naturedly and in fact the two horseplay a bit at the end of the bout for the camera.
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