[French Dudes] Trucker XXL Hammers Max Lacoste

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Meet Trucker XXL and his "well traveled" cock; one that certainly qualifies as a "wide load." Trucker pulls in for the night and some action. He hooks up one of the locals by the name of Max Lacoste who agreed to "service" Trucker's wide load. When Max walks up to the truck, it's "game on" as the two get right to the action. Trucker isn't looking for the "kissy kissy" type of action, he just wants his cock serviced and given an oil change.

After seeing Trucker's sizable cock, you know why I called it a "wide load." Just like his big rig, it's taking a while to get Trucker "up to speed" but Max is in it for the "long haul" and his persistence begins to pay off. Trucker reaches over and grabs some lube and starts stroking Max's cock and fingering his hole while he face fucks Max. The real challenge lays ahead when Trucker wants to drive "up" Max' tight pink hole. This should be interesting to watch and listen to; Max isn't exactly the "Black Hole of Calcutta."

Trucker definitely enjoys a tight hole; not sure I can say Max enjoys "wide loads" from the sound effects, but, like I said, he's in it for the long haul. Finishing up the scene, Max sits back against the side of the cab and blows his load up onto his chest and stomach while Trucker is perched on his knee's and unloads all over Max' groin; and this is where the rubber hits the road.
2015-02-10 00:55:39
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