[G@mes] Lehman's Love GAMS728

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Release date: 2021-11-05

With the theme of obscene lust hidden under Lehman's suits, "Lehman's Love" developed in the GAMES original story is finally lifted !!

A senior Lehman who has a crush on a junior at the company, a new Lehman who is sexually harassed by the president,
Includes 4 super erotic stories, such as a junior Lehman who hits his lust on a senior on a business trip, and a metamorphosis Lehman who urges a carefree Lehman to mate overtime!

Appearances include Hirosho Yamazaki, who is now popular, Sota Asayama, next-generation porn star Hitoshi Takasugi (JIN), Gento Kokuryu, who is a perfect macho, and Masato Sakamoto, who is expected to appear in the games for the first time.
Smooth skin muscle straight Kengo Moriyama, the immovable popular Tachi Yuya Igarashi, and 8 people who are all extremely models appeared !!!

Love and Eros wriggles in the suit is now unleashed !!!

[Introduction of each story]

File.1 Yamazaki Hirosho × Asayama Sota
Hirosho has a feeling for Sota, a junior at the same workplace.
One day, when I was drinking at home, I kissed Sota who was drunk. Sota noticed and opened her eyes, but she was drunk and did not resist, clinging to Hirosho ... The desire that has accumulated in the pool of Hirosho, whose "taga" has come off, explodes!

File.2 Gao Shanjin × Guolong Xuandou
Hitoshi, a newcomer in the first year of joining the company.
I was called to the president's office and thought that I would be preaching, but the president who was interested in Hitoshi's body said, "Do you know?"
Jin, who can't resist, is at the mercy of the caress of the president's power sexual harassment.
The disgusted caress makes him feel the body of Jin and asks for the caress of the president himself.

File.3 Hiroto Kawanishi x Masato Sakamoto
Masato who came on a business trip with his senior Yuto.
I hid that I was gay, but when I was alone in the room, I found out that I was smelling my senior's underwear.
If you think you will get angry, senior Yuto pushes his crotch against Masato's face and forces a blowjob! No way senior !?
As it is, they seek each other's muscular limbs and entangle indecently while screaming females.

File.4 Kengo Moriyama x Yuya Igarashi
Kengo was ordered to work overtime by his senior Yuya at the same workplace.
When I wondered what kind of work I would be doing, it was my senior's sexual processing overtime!
The trained straight natural muscle became a senior's sexual processing tool, and Kengo endured it, but his cock became stiff regardless of his intention, and the misunderstood senior was forced to process holes!
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