Title In Hand Grey Rose

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Title In Hand 2002 Grey Rose Productions

Clint Taylor
Ian Patricks

Former Mr. Leathers show more than they ever could in any contest. Four Mr. Leather'ss live out their solo fantasies their pit-licking, boot-sniffing, leather-clad and pierced-dick action here will satisfy.

In 2001, more than sixty hot title holders competed for the International Mr. Leather title. In 2002, four of them return to live out their fantasies in Grey Rose Productions' solo video, Title in Hand. These former IML contestants show more than they ever could in any contest. Each contestant strokes his hard cock, all the while talking about everything except title holding.

Clint Taylor pictures his fantasy man and shoves a butt plug up his hairy hole while in a sling, then gushes his cum shot for the camera. Mutt talks about training his boy/puppy while stroking to his climax. Ian Patricks (aka Peter Bigon), a Mr. Leather finalist, demonstrates his winning style for the viewers. Trade shows off his big Prince Albert-pierced dick and huge load to his Daddy in the room.

Fucking boys, training puppies and fucking daddies - yes, fucking daddies - is what these guys love and know best. Not one of them talks about building bridges or world peace.
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