Men of Massive #10

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2009, 114 min

Country:  US
Studio :  Massive Studio
Cast:  Nash Lawler, Westin, Derek Saxon, Brad Payton, Rocco, Jake Dakota, Ford
Director:  John Bruno

"Six scenes featuring the Men of Massive Studio who settle down before the camera losing their inhibitions as they shed their clothes. Join Nash Lawler, Westin, Derek Saxon, Brad Payton, Rocco, Jake Dakota and Ford in the tenth volume in a sizzling series of memorably massive encounters.

On our trip to Chicago, Jake Dakota and I went out one night looking for some fresh talent. It didn't take long before we meet Rocco at local strip joint. The second I saw Rocco dancing around in his jock, I ran over to him and handed him my business card. Later that night, I bought Rocco a few drinks and talked him into to doing a scene with Jake. The day of the shoot Rocco was nervous, but as soon Jake started kissing him and sucking on his big Italian cock, all his stage fright went out the door. I shot this scene in my hotel room in Chicago so the lighting isn't the best. But the sex is hotter than ever!

I have always been a huge fan of Nash. He has it all, the looks, the body and the personality. He's impossible not to like. And I'm total psyched that Massive is the first site to bring you Nash Lawler fucking himself with a dildo. Nash has been strictly a top in all of his videos. For years I have been begging him to bottom for me. So Nash and I finally made a compromise. If bought him a glass dildo he would use it on his sweet hole. The very next day I was at sex shop looking for the perfect glass dildo for Nash. During the shoot, I think I almost passed out when Nash exposed his hot untouched manhole. Nash fingered himself in preparation for the big moment. I was dying. Then finally he slowly works that dildo into his bubble butt. If you are an ass man, then this video is for you!

The bears are back in town! My favorite muscle bears Brad Payton and Derek Saxon are back on Massive! Their presence was long over due. These two daddy pigs wanted another smack down with Jake Dakota. Can you blame them? During the middle of this scene things get pretty messy with some extra piss action for all you water sports fans. Derek takes Brad's piss load and with his mouth full he sucks off Brad. It's a dirty nasty scene filled with a lot of hard core fucking and some cum tasting. Yes my boys Derek and Brad dirty, dirty men and I love them for it! I can't wait to visit them again. I can only imagine what they will have in store for me next time!

What's it gonna take for Derek to show us his mug? After his first two appearances on the Massive site, his anonymity was kept intact with a hooded mask. The inquiries came rushing in: "Who is that masked man?" Trust me, this guy is one hot pig daddy and the buzz he's generated so far has legions clamoring for more. (Okay, maybe not legions, but a whole lot of you guys!) Anyway, this is Derek's first solo effort and it's great right now to just focus solely on him and the abuse he heaps on his meaty, hairy, real-man body. And even if it strikes you as being kinda silly that he's taking a shower with his baseball cap on, he�s still undeniably and utterly desirable. Plus his skill with a big dildo shoved up his bunghole ain't bad either. Not having a face to go with the name or that big mass of man can stir up the imagination and fantasy scenarios... like if I had to go to prison, Derek would be my ideal guy to be locked up with. My knees buckle just imagining the interaction. But what if he finally takes off the head gear and (yikes) he turns out to be my high school geometry teacher? Ah, fuck it... better yet, fuck me.

On the third day in Chicago, we discovered Ford. We will admit we were pretty smitten with Ford's rugged good looks and laidback demeanor. But Ford had eyes for Jake. Jake was pretty upfront with Ford and within seconds Ford agreed to do a shoot with Jake. Ford confessed that doing an adult video was one of his biggest fantasies. We were glad we could turn his fantasy into reality. The next day Ford met us at some guy's apartment outside of Chicago. Jake and Ford were instantly all over each other and we hadn't even taken the camera out of its case yet. During the shoot Jake was so turned on by Ford that he came twice! We hope to see Ford again. And soon.

On John Bruno's last day in Chicago, he discovered a local hottie named Westin. He's straight and only agreed to do a jerk off scene for him. About an hour before Westin was to arrive at the hotel room, Nash Lawler came banging on the door. Nash needed a place to crash. How could we say no to Nash? So we let him and all his baggage into our room. We told him there is straight boy coming to over to do a shoot and he needed to behave himself and not scare the poor kid. Well Westin didn't seem to mind Nash being in the room while we were shooting. Soon, Nash got kind of restless sitting around just watching us, so he decided to get naked and jerk off with Westin. Westin didn't care one bit. We love it when that happens. Westin isn't a typical Massive man, but give him a few years!"

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