Alan Vicenzo & Lionel Lilac

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Release Date: September 23, 2022

Lionel Lilac is about to school Alan Vicenzo in the art of the benefits of ingesting Protein, or as we all like to call it, cum/sperm. First, we get the nutritional values for this task, then Lionel let’s us in on a little game that will help you increase your intake of Protein.

Alan arrives for the game and it is very apparent that Alan is an accomplished bodybuilder. First challenge, push-ups. Lionel makes a gallant effort, but this challenge goes to Alan and he wins the cup, now it is time to fill it up.

Since Alan was the winner of the challenge, he gets to be the first to suck cock. The guys are eager to start and have already stripped down and given us a good posing. Alan opens wide and begins sucking on the fat head of Lionel’s giant cock. As he runs his lips up and down the long cock shaft, he is grateful for all those hard hours in the gym. Lionel’s cock is a steel rod and appears to be getting harder with each deep lunge of Alan’s hot mouth.

The guys swap positions and Lionel begins sucking on Alan’s equally strong cock. As Lionel works his way up and down Alan’s cock, Alan flexes his perfectly toned muscles. Another swap and this time Alan is on all 4’s and Lionel begins the feast of a lifetime as he probes Alan’s smooth, muscular ass with his tongue then begins eating his ass out completely.

Lionel rises up and thrusts his hard, raw cock deep inside of Alan’s wet, muscled ass. Alan gasps as the huge cock rams deep inside of him. Once inside Alan is able to catch his breath, relax and enjoy the pleasures filling him from the inside out. Lionel pumps his cock in and out of Alan’s ass, this way Alan will know exactly how big that cock is that is parting his muscular mounds.

Alan is flipped again and this time he finds himself on his back and it is tremendous to watch that big, beautiful cock head split his ass open and completely disappear. Lionel does this numerous times before ramping up his rhythm and giving Alan an ecstatic fucking.

Another swap and Lionel joins Alan on the table and spoons him, lunging forward and piercing Alan’s wet ass. This position rocks both of their worlds with intense pleasure as Lionel is the first to fill the victors cup with his creamy load of protein. Lionel hands off the cup to Alan and he immediately makes his hot deposit of milky protein into the mix. Alan raises the victory cup and empties it of its contents.
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