Brutal Tops - Session 41-45

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bottoms know the thrill of subbing for a genuine, cruel & inventive top. But where do you find a demanding top to put you in your place and put you through it, who makes your heart beat so fast you think it'll jump out of your chest...?

You know, don't you, that there ARE real tops out there. You pass them on the streets, hell, you probably know one or two. But most guys don't tell the world they're sexual sadists. That's a secret you can only guess.

Our stable of tops is ever increasing. They know that at Brutal Tops they have an appreciative audience. They love to top and to do it here makes it all the better.

Together there is finally a place where bottoms and tops can seriously perform what they were put on this Earth for!

Brutal Tops
2011-06-06 06:32:20
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