Inside Andy

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Laufzeit:  168 Minuten

Freigegeben:  07/2007

Studio Name:  Studio 2000 

Regie:  Danny Ray 

Stars:  Andy Frakes  Eliah Keilor  Enrico Dickens  Jay Renfro  Drago Lembeck  Lucky Taylor  Carey Lewis  Kamil Fox  Tony Koch  Gery Rake  Joe Kean  Igor Braun  Miguel Placeno

Kategorien: Riesenschwänze  Euro  Merkmal  Muskeln  Fratboys  Safe Sex  Hoher Auflösung   

Beschreibung:  The Search for Love is Long and Hard. Watch as these studs take a few steps in the right direction with the wrong guys!

Studio 2000 and director Danny Ray invite you to go Inside Andy - a tale of passion, love and lust among a group of gorgeous Eastern European schoolmates and friends. Handsome Andy Frakes heads a cast that includes returning fan-favorites Roger Gharney, Drago Lembeck and Jay Renfro alongside a group of muscled, smooth and unfailingly erect young bucks. Multiple cumshots per scene, and one spirited double-penetration, are among the highlights of this nearly three-hour romantic adventure.

Handsome Andy Frakes, pale and dark-haired, with the broad shoulders, round bum and muscled thighs of a soccer player, walks through the woods on the way to meet a group of friends for a study session. He passes a secluded cottage and through a window spies two gorgeous gents, Tom Hawai and Carey Lexes, enjoying their morning coffee and flirting. Barechested, their white boxers tenting as their cocks stiffen with morning wood, Tom and Carey put aside their coffee and get right to the cream, first by smooching passionately and then with Carey dropping to his knees. Following hungry, mutual blowjobs, Tom lays back on the counter and Carey climbs aboard, grabbing their stiff cocks together in one hand and jacking them both to orgasm. This leads to mutual rimming, more sucking, and finally a flip-fuck with Carey hungrily riding Jay, then flipping around reverse-cowboy until both shoot white loads for a second time.
Andy sets off again through the woods, this time encountering a gorgeous young blond stud, Eliah Keilor. The two exchange interested glances and continue on their way. Andy is instantly and irrevocably smitten...
Roger Gharney, Drago Lembeck and Lucky Taylor, Andy's schoolmates, are goofing around instead of studying. Andy turns up, besotted, and daydreams about Eliah. His swelling crotch inspires Andy's pals to ditch the books and pass the time in a more satisfying manner. They pull out their cocks and lend each other a helping hand at working up to stiff erections. Andy snaps out of his reverie and joins them. Soon they whip off their shirts and pants and get down to sucking, Drago on Roger and Lucky on Andy. The spirited oral action leads to a round of cumshots. Still stiff, Andy and Drago bend over the couch to kiss while their buddies rim their bubble butts and slather their waiting holes with spit. Roger stuffs his cock into Drago, while Lucky does likewise with Andy. They enthusiastically pound away, switch positions and bottoms, and fuck some more until all four spurt another round of cum.
Andy leaves his friends and heads to a bedroom for a nap, where he dreams once more of Eliah. Awakening to the sounds of sex, Andy follows the noise, and his raging boner, downstairs to another group of friends - Enrico Dickens, Gary Owen, Jay Renfro - slurpily and nosily sucking each other off. Andy strokes his own boner as he furtively observes them. All three men suck away until they spurt their loads, move on to more blowjobs and rimming, and continue to spew more of the white stuff. Jay slides down Gary's pole and rides as Enrico licks his balls, then switches to Enrico for another position and more fucking. Gary isn't finished, though: He squeezes his cock into Jay's tight hole for a spirited double-penetration and pounds away, leading Jay to a wet, splattery climax. The topmen pop more loads to end the scene, and Andy does likewise.
Out for another walk, as he continues to daydream about Eliah, Andy encounters three rowdy pals swigging from a bottle of liquor. Tom Koch, Fernando La Vegas and Richy Rich invite Andy to down some booze, then lead him to their chalet nearby, where they switch to beer and doff their clothes. As Andy watches, Richy and Tom dive onto the beefy Fernando's thick cock. Soon Andy joins them, switching from one boner to another and licking away as each stud blows his load. They form a rim train, then a fuck chain, with Richy humping Andy, who stuffs Tom's tight butt. Next up it's Fernando inside Andy as he continues to fuck Tom, and once again, all four men spew their lava flows.
Fernando, Tom and Richy move into another room to continue their sexing, leaving Andy to stare wistfully into the fire. A knock at the door reveals a surprise: Eliah! Andy can finally realize his desire to make love with his dreamboat blond lover. They prep for sex in the bathroom, as Andy shaves, then kiss and rub each other's bodies in the shower, which leads to orgasm for them both. Back in the bedroom, the young men kiss passionately, rubbing each other's bodies, totally in their own zone. Eliah rims Andy, preparing him for sex, then fucks him lovingly in three positions. All the while, the studs maintain eye contact, kissing and staying connected, right up until Eliah shoots a giant load, followed by another gusher from Andy. The film ends as the young lovebirds fall asleep in each other's arms.
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