Liquid London - Fuck Fever

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A very interesting and steamy flick I found stashed away and brought back from the past...
Very nice picture quality.  SEEDBONUS appreciated!

Starring: Henry Fleischmann, Jason Decker, Joao DaLuz, Lee Jaguar, Leopold Frackowiak, Mario Perez, Matheus Rocha, Oleh Grzegorzki, Simone De Jesus, Tadek Mordzialek, Adam Stevens, Leo Miranda

Categories: Europeans, Anal Sex, Big Loads, Big Cocks, Black Men, Cum eating, Dildos - Toys, Facial Cumshots, Hairy Crotches, Horsehung, Interracial Sex, Kissing, Latin Men, Muscle Men, Oral Sex, Outdoor Sex, Rimming, Solos, Threeways, Twinks - Young Meat, Uncut Cocks

Director Jean-Marc Prouveur, director of The Prisoner's Song and Legionnaires, presents another strangely poetic picture with men who seem to surrender to, not to rush for, sex. In between bouts of sucking and fucking, the figures freeze and turn a beautiful sepia tone, and the screen swirls with superimposed autumn leaves falling and fluttering.

A tall black man and a gorgeous white brunet sprawl among cardboard boxes with a wine-bottle (like beautiful bums in a super-clean alley) The Big Black fucks and cums on the Brunet Beauty.

On a Swedish Modern bed, a bald white man (a Terry O'Quinn lookalike) eats out the red asshole of a barely-black pale gold guy (an Obama lookalike), who after a bout of sixty-nining, returns the oral/anal favor. White fucks Black this time. They cum while Black eats some more White ass.

Two drunken hikers or hitchhikers (ill-dressed for either pursuit) lie passed out on a shelf of granite. One sleepily jacks himself and the other. A shavehead twink happens by and smiles to see uncut cocks. He wakes the pair by cocksucking, and they take evil advantage of his downy little asshole, right there on the rocks. They cum on him and leave him there panting.

A strange, big-headed, big-eyed, skinny youth masturbates on the Swedish Modern bed till an Antonio Sabados type joins him and sticks dick in both ends of him, pretty briefly as it turns out. They jack side-by-side like guys in a porn movie.

Then, in deliberately scratchy, silent-movie-looking sepia videography, a dreamy Latino type in a kilt beats his meat to quiet piano music.

Through a window, a window-washer with his dick hanging out sees money in a big-eared, exotic youth's wallet. The youth puts on a show fucking himself with a dildo, which brings Washer in for mutual ass-eating, followed by him deeply fucking Youth, pulling all the way out and punching back in. He finishes in frantically-jacking Youth's mouth. Youth's heavy breathing ends the movie.

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