LE Nico Zetta Tops Alle Marin

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I found this an exceptionally beautiful scene to watch.
The comment from LE doesn't really do it justice! "The sexy Nico Zetta has a huge and intimidating fat uncut cock between his legs, and it's a piece of meat that Alle Marin wants to ride and bounce on for as long as his boy pussy can handle it! At the start of this "Bareback Auditions 22: Hard On Top" scene, Nico and Alle first have a talk to introduce themselves in "Bareback Auditions" fashion before the action starts. When the clothes come off and Alle gets a good look at what Nico is packing, he gets to work with a slobbering blowjob before taking Nico Zetta's amazing manhood up his ass!"
Two video sizes available - see screencaps for details.
LE Nico Zetta Tops Alle Marin HD.mp4 2.03 GB
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21 studio photos (over-bright colours, and Marin is called Martin, incorrectly, but not by me)
129 of my own screencaps
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